Shounak Acharya

New Delhi, India

Death Death is peaceful, death is divine Death is a way, where everybody gets aligned! Death is the begining, death is the end Lets face it all, death is how HE has a method to ammend; All his mistakes and all his researches which has converted him from the mighty creator to big monoliths in the old arches...... Make no mistake, the agony was not the part of the initial plan Its his way to remind us that we are all part of his clan! Death has no meaning but a bunch of questions unanswered So that there is something in this world, for which we need to surrender; To him to find us a solution and keep our lives afloat and beg to him, "One was enough", and one more would prove an end of the road...... But still he comes back with one blow after the other, and sometimes only enough recess to forget and falter! Always remember, our race was the greatest mistake of his so he won't rest untill he gets even with this; notion of his to let us know that there is a limit to which we can flourish and then when we start sighing that we are the only ones he will make our pillars to perish so that he remains, respected or feared deep down inside in our dumb race to make himself heard! Shounak Acharya

  • Work
    • National Informatics Centre, New Delhi
  • Education
    • Birla Vidya Niketan
    • Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University