Shannon House

My name is Shannon House and I own and operate my own Pure Romance business. I provide in-home parties for adult women. My job at Pure Romance is to provide women with a safe environment in which they can learn how to not only enhance their relationships intimately, but enhance those outside the bedroom as well. Pure Romance believes that every woman should feel confident and sexy about herself not only on the outside, but inside as well.

Pure Romance provides products from bath and beauty items, to massage, romance enhancement products, and bedroom accessories. Pure Romance is not just for women. We have a fantastic line of men's products as well as items for you and your partner.

I must say that I have the GREATEST job in the world!!! I get to travel, make lots of new friends, and, the best part, I get paid to party!!! Pure Romance has really been a dream for me!!! But aside from the money and being able to make my own schedule and not have to answer to anyone, I love the enjoyment and excitement I get from the ladies at my parties. I know at the end of the night, when each lady comes into the ordering room and expresses how much fun she had and how much she learned about herself and her body, that in some way, I have changed her life. I have made her feel more confident about who she is!!!


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