big juicy boy

Heck in Fucking, Austria

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rain - 15 - bi trans boy - he/him

im a slytherin, intp-t, chaotic neutral, and virgo

I really. Really. REALLY love jjba, pokemon, and haikyuu. please talk to me abt these things

I also love blue exorcist, bnha, danganronpa, homestuck, taz, and acnl

kin (ok I know i have a lot but I can't help it jus call me 50 kin jim (ones w a * mean pls don't follow if u share))

-tsukishima kei (haikyuu)*

-hajime hinata (dr)*

-caesar zeppeli (jjba)*

-ishida shouya (a silent voice)*

-gladion (pkmn sm)*

-kishibe rohan (jjba)*

-shouto todoroki (bnha)*

-keith kogane (vld)*

-lapis lazuli (su)

-kiibo (dr)

-dave strider (hs)

-yuri plisetsky (yoi)

-chara (undertale)

other/pokekin (all ok to follow obv)

-catkin (turkish van, bengal tiger)


-shiny umbreon





this is just up 4 now until my actual byf is done but for now just dm me any emoji and how you found me to follo. if u can't dm me for any reason put a 🐱 in ur bio and ill understand