Whitney Nilsson

Skater boy mom and Graphic Design student with a deep love for fashion, design, extreme sports and arts. Previously attending AI for fashion, she knew graphic design was the real push she needed to further succeed in the many goals she hopes to accomplish.

While traveling all over the United States, she continues to gain more knowledge and experience in design and fashion. She focuses on delivering new trendy styles as often as possible which in return has landed her a few small clothing store accounts with her clothing line that carry her clothing.

As graduation rapidly approaches for her, she plans to further expand her clothing line as well as execute another goal which is to work for a large magazine firm to assist in styling, photographing shoots, even help in designing spread layouts. She will continue to gain higher educational values to add to her resume, such as social media marketing, business management classes, and possible certificates for photography.

The newest role added to her longing list is lifestyle blogger and product analyst. She has strived to create a fun and successful real life blog that includes healthy recipes, reviews on products, things to see, places to visit, and the real lifestyle she lives. Be sure to follow; instagram account - @shoutsilas blog account - shoutsilas.wordpress.com