aki ☆ 17 ☆ he/him or they/them

idk what to say rly. ive always wanted to remake without giving my account to anyone so here we go i guess.

i'm literally hinata shouyo, karamatsu matsuno, yukine & a-ya.

i also id as rin okumura, umi sonoda, crow (from sb69), karma akabane, slaine troyard & ayato kirishima and some other not worth mentioning

dont follow me if you thnk youre me or my ids. also dont follow me if you wont see me as them or you follow someone else who thinks theyre me.

i may come off as edgy ? and intimidating maybe? but i'm not i stg im a fucking loser.

i'm from finland so my first language is finnish so i might fuck up with english sometimes. forgive me.

idk when or if i ever will start using this account but hey. at least it exists.

also btw dont follow me if you "gate-keep" or "police" others ids, as in: dont follow me if u go around telling people they cant id as something bc that might make someone dissociate badly lol. whyd you do that