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hi im sho ! and i make a lot of typos,, also i use the sun emoji way too much,, i also have a boyfriend and a qpp!! i use he/him pronouns and am a trans male! im also rly mentally ill



*IRL (dont interact w me if u think ur me)*

shouyou hinata****

Main (dont follow)

roxy lalonde (hs), sapphire (su), lux (league), RED scout (tf2), chie satonaka (p4) aradia megido (hs) gumi megpoid (vocaloid)

Secondary (ask to follow)

leona (league), blitzcrank (league), nami (league), rose lalonde (hs), jade harley (hs)

Tertiary (ok to follow)

chris kirkman (bw)

pokekin (ok to follow)

sableye, doublade, sylveon, misdreavus


robotkin, glitchkin,spacekin

dont follow if u share any of my friends kins:

aranea serket (hs), crow arrow (ad), killua (hxh), kumiko (h!e), sasha (snk) , raven (ad), gaius (fe:a), abel (starfighter eclipse), sophie (howls moving castle) hanayo koizumi (ll!)

dont interact w me if:

-u ship incest or pedophilia

-u think noncon or pedophilia is a kink

-ur over 20

-ur under 13

-ur neurotypical

-ur a cis male

dm me "meme dinner" after u read this