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Student in Illinois

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ok hi my name is ana and i enjoy karma akabane and having existential crises at midnight. i actually hate that last part, but it happens a lot so :ll.

also i dont kin with hinata shouyou it was just a really old email and wouldnt let me change the name.

im nonbinary and i use any pronouns but currently i refer to myself w/ she/her. idk it shifts a lot.

my sexual orientation is brendon urie and my religion also just so happens to be brendon urie

no rlly im bisexual, polyamorous and im currently Hetero And Afraid™

im a pisces (february 21!!!!!!!!), slytherin, chaotic evil, and istp.

i also cry and panic and just have day to day existential crises a lot.

my current interests rn are : llsif, pjo/hoo, p!atd, troye sivan, until dawn, d&p, enstars, forensic science/forensic files, project runway, miss peregrines home for peculiar children, smosh, and legitimately just greek mythology in general. i post all of this a lot so if u dont like it then u probably shouldnt follow ?? yeah. idk man u do u.

my ids are p simple. nico di angelo (pjo/hoo), chris (ud), roy g biv, (monsterkind), and kanata shinkai (enstars). i have other, lesser ids but i dont really care if u kin with them so. these are the only ones that im not comfortable with sharing.

as for friends ids/kins, if u kin/id w one of them ill deny u. yeah.

tag wise, i really like being tagged as : rin hoshizora (llsif), hanayo koizumi (llsif), nazuna nito (enstars), sayaka maizono (dr), hiyoko saionji (sdr2), and enoch o'connor (mphfpc). i dont really care if u follow and u id w any of those charas but im probably not going to tag you as them ?? sorry man but i can tag it for you in the location bar or smtn.

i also have a great connection w these people and they r great friends and i love them a lot so if u dont like them then do not follow. they r: aega (@/toudouerena), hiro (@/selfdoubting), opal (@/sonianevermind), shulk (@/cogklenschmidt), cloud (@/arashi.narukami), star (@/rune_fei), hazel (@sera.satan), egg (@/losercandies), bianca (@/smoak_felicity), eva (@/ranmaru.kirino), and thats all i think.

and yea thats it !! if u really want to follow dm me a photo of either leo valdez or karma akabane bc theyre my bfs ;3c.