Shovan Sargunam

About A competent UX & UI Digital Designer with more than eight years of experience with a range of firms in digital managing and web developing. Digital media concurrent with online marketing, harboring strong work ethic and a versatile skill set looking for a challenging career in digital media with an appetite to learn and progress in digital media specialist. As an able digital media designer with over eight years of experience in a variety of companies, I am competent in Adobe creative suite such as Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Illustrator etc.. for both Mac and PC’s. I have a versatile skill set in web development and experience in successfully designing a websites including the prototype, wireframe, web frameworks, layout, usability, user flow, analytics and appearance. I am an engaging team player with great enthusiasm for digital products and the latest technologies. I always stay current with market trends such as responsive design, app design, responsive app development, cloud technology, social graph, flat design, retina support, fixed top bars, CSS 3 backward support, minimalist design etc Highlights Responsible for building and designing CMS system from scratch Experience with large website traffic eg 2.4Million visitors per month Integrating different technology WordPress PHP & ASPX .net to work together Started hand coding with Microsoft front page and build website since 2000 Provided social media strategy and training for large organisation such as Church of England Started my own digital media business when I was 15 Consider myself Entrepreneur with lot of ideas and creative problem solver Eager to learn and help ever to get up to date with technology