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Web Developer, Designer, and Filmmaker in the United States

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Our story might be quite inspiring and annoying, where some Amazing and Life Changing Ideas were born in a garage by discussing them with a group of friends and made it possible what we thought. Mainly, we achieved it simply by just working hard on designing high-quality videos. We have experienced some favorite apps before launching Showbox and delicate pre-production programs, and while those tools were valuable for people or developers, we programmed for something simple.

We assumed an open canvas, made and eagerly waited to load into creating visual media content. We visualized a cloud-based platform, with some tools available that could stream the video make and designing procedure. Something so simple to use, that we could design like looking video content, all on our own -- without any high-resolution cameras or with full production unit and years of software programming.

So, we started to unite the team and work together that would make those dreams to experience reality. We altogether worked like and even brought cutting edge video technology technicians and some of the top video specialists to make unique graphic packages which will impress you. Then, we tied up with photo and video contributors like Getty and Reuters, to make a massive stock footage dome for artists to draw from, without leaving their workspace.

Then, just like that (give or take 20 months :)) that workspace developed what you experience today! We created to create the video making the procedure easier, little maintenance cost, and therefore, more fun and excitement.

Developer's Update and Discussion on Showbox Newer version

You can follow the app updates through Now our Next step is to create it on the desktop platform, and As soon as possible we will shortly launch our PC version to make it easier. The app has been online for almost one year. Some days ago we even contacted our core developer: - By Showbox developers.