Travis Jacobsen

In our past articles I talked about each of the measures required to properly replace your previous wood sash windows with energy efficient vinyl windows. I told you how to measure for your new win-dows. Then we discussed removing the wood sashes and parting bead. Finally, I told you how to install, seal, and trim the vinyl replacement win-dows. But, what if those old windows in your home are constructed with aluminum in place of wood? Is the method exactly the same? No, it is not similar at all. Therefore, the following few articles are going to explain the differences between replacing wood windows versus metal windows.

When discussing the proper body type for changing the wood sash win-dows, I explained the difference between new building frames versus replacement frames. When changing aluminum win-dows, there is still another option we've to consider regarding shape type. It is called a 'retrofit' figure. Let us go over each body typ-e. In the event people require to dig up further on glass replacement frisco tx, we know of thousands of online libraries you could investigate. First, we've the brand new design body with the fin. If you choose to go this way, you have to eliminate the exterior around each window opening, pull out the nails holding the metal window to the guys, nail in the new vinyl window, apply flashing, caulk, and re-install the exterior around each window.( I get tired just talking about it! )In addition to being a whole lot of labor, you can encounter major problems attempting to install the exterior solution around each window opening. If your home has stucco, you've to use and fit the remaining portion of the stucco. It may be done, however not by you. Also many professional stucco people can't obtain a perfect match. What if you have wood exterior? Well, you can cut-away 2' of the exterior around each window to access the nail fin, then you can apply 1 X 2 or 1 X 3 trim around each window. Certainly not the maximum amount of work because the stucco house, but probably more work than the common homeowner cares to handle. Imagine if each window is surrounded by stone? Let us not really go there! You would have to remove the bricks, then re-install all of them when done.

Believe me, you do not need to replace your old metal windows with new building vinyl windows. You need to use either the replacement frame such as the