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hello im blake! im 16 (turning 17 in may), im a taurus, and i love cats and attention. im super confused about my sexual/romantic orientation as well as gender but i go by he/him and mostly identify as a boy.

my favorite things are nge, haikyuu, tokyo ghoul, rwby/rtah, studio ghibli, and my friends!

i have a qpp named cas and i love them more than anything nd anyone in the world!!!! theyre the real ruby rose, ayano tateyama, and kaneki ken and i wouldnt trade them for the world!

im mentally ill and physically disabled and heres what i have PROFESSIONALLY dx:




there are symptoms of other things i could possibly have/develop but i DO NOT self dx (mostly just because i dont trust myself with it)!

that being said, i am NOT totally against self dxing but i DO not think that self dxing personality disorders is okay (ESPECIALLY if youre under 18!!!!!!!), BUT if you do this, i dont have anything against you! you do you.

i fully believe in reincarnation and believe my past lives are from some certain series im into! you can find info about that and find my kins at the bottom of the page! i also practice wicca! so you shouldnt follow if youre against that stuff or will bash on me for believing in it!

dont follow if:

you kin with abuse/csa victims without being one yourself

you kin with me or my friends

you wont like/reblog my selfies

you wont interact with me

you wont like my personal posts

other basic dont follows

characters that make me severely uncomfortable:

yuno gasai

mercury black

monoka (from dr:ae idk her last name)

you shouldnt follow if you kin with these characters but if you want to, dm me and talk to me about it.

yeah thats pretty much it! if you have any questions dm me!

my most important kins are asuka langley sohryu and yang xiao long! dm and ask if i have any questioning kins + ask for my less important kins!

(disclaimer: i am an abuse victim)