Nanashi 🍀

Student in Japan

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Hiii. :0 how are you? Welcome to my byf? I dont tumblr so yeah

So introductions first- HI UM my name is Nanashi and i'm currently 15 and becoming 16 in a few months

I'm a very sport-holic guy and i love doing outdoor activites. A thing you should know is that i like hetero, yaoi, and yuri. If you're not comfortable- please i don't want to make awkward for both of us so don't please don't request.

I DO NOT claim any characters or kin. But i am deeply obsessed with Hinata Shoyo. And- i don't mind if you kin with him! But please don't say smth like you deserve him only him or something like that.

My other favorite characters are :

• Neku Sakuraba ( TWEWY )

• Yoshi Nanase ( 1BitHeart )

• Fukase ( Vocaloid4 )

• Katsuhira Agata ( Kiznaiver )

• Adrien Agreste ( Miraculous LadyBug )

• Izuru Kamukura ( Dangan Ronpa )

• Noctis Lucis Caelum ( FFXV )

• Jumin Han ( Mystic Messenger )

Probably some other i forgot- but! I don't kin or claim them so please if you do like them i'd like to talk to you about them or smth ;;