Sung Hee Park

Sung Hee Park is expected to earn a PhD from Department of Computer Science, Virginia Tech in 2012. He had received a BS and a MS from Department of Computer Science, Kyungpook University, Korea in 1997 and 1999. He is currently a member of Digital Library Research Laboratory (DLRL), Virginia Tech. His advisor is Dr. Edward A. Fox.
Before he came to Virginia Tech, he was a research member of the Knowledge & Information Retrieval Team (1999-2002), a senior researcher of the Bioinformatics Team (2003-2006) and then also a senior researcher in the Life Informatics Team (2007), Electronics & Telecommunication Research Institute (ETRI) in Korea.
His research interests are knowledge engineering with big data, large volume document analysis & text mining, information retrieval, digital library, bioinformatics (protein structure analysis), content based multimedia retrieval (MPEG-7, 21), distortion model for fingerprint analysis. He is now working on 1) experiment and analysis digital libraries for massive scientific research data including fingerprint distortion modeling, simulation and analysis area; 2) effective electronic theses and dissertations (ETDs) analysis using knowledge bases from the Web in canonical representation extraction even from thousands of different reference styles, table of content extraction for more focused retrieval.