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At SHP Financial we help clients with portfolio management to help secure their retirement plans.

All of the financial services we offer fall under one of the five key areas of our SHP Retirement Road Map® process. Once we develop your plan, we will not stop there. Now, begins the journey. We will be there to help you implement and manage your plan every step of the way for the rest of your life. Take the first step toward having the retirement you've always dreamed of!

For the high-income earners and savers, retirement planning can look different – and more complicated than for others. Maybe you don't just want to get by in retirement – maybe you want to travel and pursue passions – as well as leave behind a legacy to your loved ones.

So are questions about when you want to retire, how you want to retire (suddenly or gradually) and where you want to retire. There are vast combinations of these and many other variables that serve to make the style and level of retirement different for every individual — even within the same household.

SHP Financial is your guidance towards a healthy retirement. We can help you find economic freedom, save for the future, and live the best retirement possible.