Headquartered in Louisville, Kentucky, SHPS, Inc., is one of the largest independent providers of employee benefits programs and benefits administration in the United States. The company works with an array of entities such as small, mid-sized, and large businesses; state governments and federal agencies; hospitals; universities; and employee trusts and health plans. SHPS, Inc., maintains three separate subsidiaries to facilitate its range of services: Carewise Health, Landacorp, and SHPS HR Solutions. Carewise Health focuses on the improvement of employee health through forward-thinking programs. While traditional health programs offer information on beneficial lifestyle changes and suggest methods to implement them, Carewise Health fosters inspiration and motivation through skill-building techniques. This subsidiary of SHPS aims to empower people to improve their individual health rather than simply suggest ways to achieve it. SHPS, Inc., also maintains Landacorp, the care management software branch of the company. SHPS links the technologically sophisticated subsidiary with Carewise Health as well as many other health plans and health delivery systems. The software was designed to improve efficiency among health plans, providers, and members. SHPS has committed significant resources to Landacorp’s software development and its goal of connecting members with the appropriate providers. SHPS, Inc., also focuses on human resource (HR) issues through SHPS HR Solutions. This wing of the firm creates the means for simplified benefits administration for companies. SHPS partners with businesses to implement programs that optimize benefits spending, consolidate vendors, and create a simplified participant experience. The company offers numerous HR programs in the areas of eligibility and enrollment, COBRA and direct bill, print and fulfillment, and spending accounts.