Shradha Deshpande

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

I'm a girl.Born in the 80's. I like adventure. I mostly read. I don't like repeating myself. I usually like people. it takes a lot for me to hate them. But once I do hate them, there is no looking back boy! I like making friends. I have a lot of friends. I prefer solitude. I love my family, my career, my pets and partying. I am a Scorpion and very true to my sign. No, I dont bite. But I can be a bitch when you evoke that side in me. I like sarcasm. I use it very often. My friends think I am rude. But I don't like beating around the bush - its a waste of time. I love Goa and everything associated with it. Someday, I wish to retire there. I like dressing up - very very rarely. If you judge me by the clothes I wear, I don't care. If you love me lesser cause of my hairy legs, I don't care either. I like meeting people - talented, boring, psychotic, amusing, healthy, skinny, bald - all kinds. I hate people that complicate things and things that complicate people. Simplicity always works for me. I belive in charity. I belive in destiny. Karma is rality. Kids are cute when you get to pinch their cheeks and irritate them. Not in any other case. I'd prefer a puppy instead.

  • Work
    • Marriott International
  • Education
    • Bachelors in Psychology