Shravan Sampagaonkar

Brigade Road, Bangalore

Guess Who M I HaHAHAAHaaaa........

S = Sexy

H = Handsome

R = Respectable

A = Arty

V = Visionary

A = Awesome

N = Neat Guess

Who M I HaHAHAAHaaaa........ Im not smart but im unique. Im not awsome looking but im better than awful. Im not going to touch the heights of the roof but im gonna grow up one day. Im not snobbish but I can get cranky for nothing. Im not gonna visit you but Im gonna stay wid u. Im not strawberries but I might be blueberries. Im not what u think but unluckily I appear to be so! One thing that u ought to keep in ur mind is this- "when your up ur friends will know who u are.But when ur down,you will know hu ur frnds are!"