Shred-it Randburg

Shred-it is a company offering document destruction services in over 170 locations around the world. Here in South Africa, the company has taken upon itself to improve the area of information security by offering solutions to theft and malicious use of documents. When the company destroys documents, it uses machines that get the job done quietly and quickly without any form of disruption to the general order of the day. It also helps businesses in their environmental conservation programs as all the documents gathered are recycled for use in different situations.

Shred-it's services in Johannesburg, South Africa are not limited to destruction of physical data. The company goes deeper than that by offering services that aim at the destruction of storage drives and computer hard disks. These processes ensure that industrial or private data does not fall into the hands of malicious people. In addition to the actual service, it offers advice on information management, security and destruction.


1 Aintree Ave, Unit 5

Randburg, Zuid Afrika 2146

27 86 127 4733