Shred-it Dublin

Located in Dublin, Ireland and other areas in the world, Shred-It is a trusted company when it comes to destruction of information. Whether it is hard copy information stored on paper or softcopies in hard drives and electronic media, you can trust them to destroy it entirely leaving no trace of the much valuable private information. The privacy of client information needs to be maintained by all businesses for both ethical and legal reasons. With the help of Shred-It your business will never go wrong.

Why consider the services of Shred-It for your business? With the knowledge that collecting information and manipulating it may not be easy, at Shred-It is the deep understanding that even disposing it off the right way need not be a hassle you have to deal with. This is why they offer reliable and timely services while maintaining confidentiality of information. With their help, you can avoid incurring unwanted legal fees, as you will comply with the requirements of safe information disposal.


Unit 53 Park W Rd, Park West Industrial Park

Dublin 12, Ireland 353

1800 747 333