Shred-it West Footscray

Business in West Footscray, Australia

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Shred-it is a document-destruction company whose reach is global. As a leading information security establishment, the company has a variety of services to offer for both big and small companies in Australia as a general location and Melbourne in particular. One of its main services is the regular destruction of the hard copies of documents churned out by the tonnes in offices every day. It does so in a secure manner, ensuring that the environment is taken care of and that pollution issues do not arise. The company has a strong grasp of privacy laws, and it uses this knowledge to help businesses to comply.

Apart from old-fashioned paper shredding, the company offers solutions to data stored in electronic memories such as those of computers and a host of other digital storage devices. The destruction here is usually permanent and irreversible, making it impossible for those with subversive motives to lay hands on anything confidential.


9 Ashley St

West Footscray, Victoria 3012

1800 012 012