Shreeta Som

Kolkata, India

it seems to me that describing myself has become the most challenging thing to write about.... i have been going back and forth on this for a while now so i have decided to start with the basic...

I am a PISCES--- and most of the time we have been described as

the 'Saint' and the 'Sinner' rolled in to one...

The lost soul and the Philosopher and the Psychotic and even the Visionary.

I do believe that i am: a Lost Soul, a Philosopher and evermore the Psychotic... other attributes are yet to be proven.

I do like making new Friends although i have a lousy luck in that department.

I love love love MUSIC and ART and PHOTOGRAPHY

I have a Love-Hate Relationship with Life and am determined to find my Soulmate whether It pertains to my Career or my Lovelife.....

Currently pursuing a career in Civil Administration and Corporate Administration (tendency to overachieve).....

Bit fanatical when it comes to the Subject of Romance, Moon, Clouds, The Mystical and The Supernatural and BOOKS.... Lots and Lots and Lots of Books.....

  • Work
    • Currently Unemployed
  • Education
    • Graduation in English(Hons.)
    • Company Secretary
    • Civil Service, IAS