Chandrakant Shah

Small Business Owner in Ahmedabad, India

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Shree Ganesh Chemicals is involved in manufacturing of electroplating chemicals such as Nickel Sulphate, Nickel Chloride, Copper Sulphate, Nickel Acetate, Acid and cyanide Zinc Plating chemicals, Pretreatment and Phosphate treatment Chemicals and many other plating Chemicals. The electroplating chemicals have various industrial uses mainly in the formation of protective and attractive surfaces over underlying metallic objects. Protection involves preventing the underlying metals from corrosion, abrasive action and other forms of damage. The plating chemicals create an attractive shiny finish on the product surfaces making them longer lasting and appealing as well.

The company endeavors to continuously develop new chemicals through intensive research and innovation as per the changing market needs. The company has also invested in a state of art production facility with highly skilled staff that understands your industrial chemicals needs and offer you products that fit all your requirements.

Quality assurance starts from the raw materials procurement, processing, packaging and dispatch. We understand the importance of quality, and only source raw materials that will give the best final characteristics.

We have vision to become the global leader in manufacturing and supply of these industrial chemicals and this will be achieved through continued innovation and a keen focus on the customer needs and expectations. We have also invested in an efficient customer service system as well as an excellent supply and shipment process which has enhanced our relations with our clients.