Shreya Dutt

New Delhi, India.

Using her specialized educational background on subjects such as Organizational Development, Corporate Communication, Organizational Decision Making and Organizational and Industrial Psychology, Ms. Shreya Dutt started her career in London with a Consultancy Firm. She went on to work with the Cabinet Secretariat, Government of India managing Government Performance. Since 2013 she has not only thoroughly worked on effective governance in Government but also towards increasing efficiency and managing performance in the private sector. Having worked on major World Bank, UNDP projects she can be best described as a believer and practitioner in the field of Performance Management who can analyze, organize, and manage challenging projects that promote growth through individual and Organization’s Goal achievement.

Ms. Shreya Dutt became a part of the Indian Government & bureaucratic system at a young age. Based in the Cabinet Secretariat, her job profile ‘Managing and Developing Effective Governance Networks’ as a Member Resource Team with additional charge as a Knowledge Network Manager includes continuous interactions in brainstorming sessions with Secretaries, Former Secretaries, Advisers (to the Government of India), Experts & other officials of various ministries and helping them prepare effective Performance Agreements for measuring performance of their respective ministries and departments. She has also been actively involved in Benchmarking the Indian system with the Canadian, Australian, American and Kenyan Model along with providing cross country support on enhancing Government efficiency to Countries like Bhutan

  • Work
    • Cabinet Secretariat
  • Education
    • Psychology, LSE