Shreyas Raghunath

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Shreyas Raghunath

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Coerced into pursuing an engineering degree by manipulative and adoring parents, I did have my fair share of fun, visiting the far flung college, punctuated by sleepy long bus rides consuming about one sixth of a day.

Short Semesters made shorter by holidays, college festivals, fields trips, On Duty visits to participate in other college contests, weekly tests and study holidays was a spicy Biryani that was spiced up further by our incessant cribbing of the systemic farce that held us all in a vice like grip.

Cometh the hour! Come the Saviour!

I shall always remain indebted to Dr. Nagappan Govindarajan, my teacher and savior, who served as an inspirational teacher to imbue into me a sense of excitement in matters related to technology and helped me stay mentally ignited.

And mentally ignited I continue to remain, not only thanks to Dr. Nagappan but also to my abiding interest in Cinema.

Cinema to me is edutainment. It makes me come alive. Cinema remains an art form which requires consummate understanding of diverse art forms and helps me be close to all the muses.

I remain indebted to the masters of this craft.

My favourite five films in International Cinema are Citizen Kane, MotorCycle Dairies, Amorres Perres, Seven Samurai and Saving Private Ryan.

My favourite five films in Indian Cinema are Pather Panchali, Uthiripookal, Hey Ram, Iruvar and Dev D.

While I pursue a career as an application developer in cutting edge technologies in mobile and web application development, I aspire to make world class cinema.

I look forward to networking with like-minded individuals to share knowledge and together improve our professional fortunes.

As a student of technology, Cinema and Fine Arts, in pursuit of excellence in creative artistry, I understand that there are miles to go before I sleep.

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