Shreyas Bhatia

Marketing in Delhi, India

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My trials and tribulations -

I'm from an armed forces background, with my previous two generations having served the country for a cumulative of over half a century. Hence, discipline and respect were ingrained in me from the very beginning, while organisation and loyalty have been innate all along. While I believe in being humble and modest, I've learned that you have to be your own spotlight, and your worst critic as well. I don't settle for achievements, big or small, rather, I look for and move onto what's next. It's the pursuit, that drives me and not attainment. As they say, it's the journey, not the destination.

I believe that experience is the best teacher, and there is no discount for time. By virtue of my consequences, I've had to become independent from a young age. I have diverse and varied interests, with a keen following of motorsport, sport and tech.

I'm confident my nomadic experiences will help not only myself but also get the most for any organisation that I'm a part of.

Nowadays, I think there are lots of reasons not to stay anywhere too long. Variety is a good thing. I’m building a mosaic of a career. Nobody wants a one-dimensional athlete. Rather, people who've seen a lot and done a lot and made a lot of mistakes, had a lot of successes and managed small & big teams, and have the technical expertise but can do people things, and really can do things strategically, and yet be empathetic. I want the full breadth of experience. Just like, a painting is better when you stand back and see all of the different colours that form the picture, up close, it just looks like dots and blurbs and blobs, but the majesty is all of it together.

My experiences have instilled in me the vigour to find my calling, settle down and work not only for my future; but for a collective future, both blood and acquired.

I'm eager to learn and apply myself. I'm a sponge, I squeeze accordingly. I'm passionate and when set free, I'll take flight.

Where am I now and who I am, I'm like a, Jack of Most Trades, Master of Some. I want to tread, run and fly, with focus and ambition. Monotony, to me, is the death of creativity and innovation. Just starting out with doing simple things differently can have a significant impact.

There is a fire in me, that hasn't quite got the right opportunity to breathe freely. I trust and know that if I'm interested in something, I make it my world, I go all out; because that is the only way I know.

  • Education
    • Shaheed Sukhdev College of Business Studies