Shreem Industries

SHREEM INDUSTRIES is a reputed family-owned group of companies engaged in diverse range of businesses. Established in 1977 under the able leadership of Mr. Mukesh Shah, SHREEM INDUSTRIES started with manufacturing of dyestuffs for textiles, paper and ink applications.

SHREEM commenced its operations with an initial production capacity of 100 MT per annum for various turquoise dyes and then gradually expanded its product range and production capacity.

SHREEM has been the leader in innovation and employing then-new technologies such as the SPRAY DYER and MEMBRANE SEPARATION PLANTS in the dyestuff industry in India. These technologies made possible remarkable achievements in the field of salt-free powders during early 90s.

SHREEM has developed many dyes upon customer requests coupled with continuous R&D. The current installed capacity is 300 MT per annum for salt-free powders and more than 1000 MT per annum for liquids. Shreem Industries diversified into production of high performance organic pigments in 2005 by venturing through toll-manufacturing agreements.

Led by Mr. Mukesh Shah, a technocrat with extensive knowledge and experience in the industry, SHREEM has focused on technological advances, new product development, R&D and innovations so as to gain significant advantages in the market.

SHREEM’s product list comprises of:

Direct, Acid and Reactive Dyes for Applications such as Paper, inkjet inks, Digital printing inks, Recording Liquids, Textiles and Leather. Specialization in production of salt-free powder and liquid dyes.

Synthetic Organic Pigments for Applications such as Inks,Textiles, Paints,Industrial Coatings, Paper and Plastics.