anny (she/her)

anny (she/her)

hiiie i'm anny!💕💗✨

im 15 years old and a demisexual (hetero-romantic) cis girl (preferred pronouns are she/her) im a taurus n my hogwarts house is slytherin(felt like putting that there) my MBTI type is infp and my alignment is lawful good ⭐️

im a bit shy at first but super friendly!! i tend to swear sometimes(sorry!) i try my best to make my friends feel happy, if u ever need someone to talk to or need help, feel free to ask me!☆

my interests are: marvel ✧ dc ✧ hetalia ✧ various anime ✧ hp ✧ star wars ✧ pjo ✧ ART ✧ mythology ✧ astrology ✧ spn ✧ cats ✧ video editing(amvs) ✧ kpop ✧ agb ✧ horror ✧ +more (talk to me)

DO NOT follow me if: you're racist, homophobic, sexist etc. // u think u know me irl(non close friends) // ure over 20 years old(dm first) // u have a massive hatred towards any of my interests above 💥

if we're mutuals PLEASE tag these! gore - self harm - suicide mention - nsfw - animal abuse

+@mutuals feel free to ask me for my skype, sc & kik!

(ps: if i ever make u uncomfortable or hurt u unconsciously TELL ME!! i will apologize in a second omg)

thats abt it,, tysm for reading 🍦✨ (optional: dm me your favorite dessert if u want me to know that u read my about!! xo)