Shri Nandhini

Software Engineer, Mobile & Web apps developer, and Full Stack developer in Chennai, India

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I like to describe myself as bursting with awesomosity, but most people don't believe me. I try to tell them that awesomosity isn't something that can easily be seen, but that it is extremely subtle and only those that are highly attuned to the forces of nature can sense such a force of awesome.

But with that said, I will try to give you a few more adjectives that more accurately describe me. I am an enthusiastic , ‘never-mind’ kinda person , love to surf more , peppy thou nostalgic at times, slightly tech freak, Music lover, Full stack developer. And it’s my first step in blogging , feeling much interested to post many tech stuffs . Love to explore and learn more..

  • Work
    • Past : Cognizant , Now : HCL
  • Education
    • Bharathi Vidhya Bhavan
    • Anna University, Chennai