shrinjoy Ghosh


I have always swung back and forth between alienation and relatedness. As a child, I would run away from the beatings, from the obscene words, and always knew that if I could run far enough, then any leaf, any insect, any bird, any breeze could bring me to my true home. I knew I did not belong among people. Whatever they hated about me was a human thing; the nonhuman world has always loved me. I can't remember when it was otherwise. But I have been emotionally crippled by this. There is nothing romantic about being young and angry, or even about turning that anger into art. I go through the motions of living in society, but never feel a part of it.I m cool, casual n frndly as well as cute n charming! i love freedom & dont want to fix my life in any kind of boundation,want to enjoy it full in my own to spend time with good frnds n hang out with them...honest in nature & clean in mind...very straight forward n confident...full of positive attitudes n love to enjoy all the colors of life.besides it i love and enjoy travelling in ofbit & new places. I love PC games, enjoying yummy foods & liquors,Hang out with frnds etc.