shriya shetty


Ok ,i admit . I live for food. Whether it's eating , thinking , watching food channels , creating , or reading recipes , I can do it all day long. If i had to give one example of true love, it would be of the one i have for food. Fresh ingredients,flavours,spices,aromas,ovens,restaurant menu's excite me!

Coming to the technical details, I'm 19 and a student in the final year of and a certified baker from Institute of hotel management in Mumbai,India. I'm also an entrepreneur-baker and have my own lil home run business called Pupkins! I also am the hungry hippie and my only aim in life is to spread some love through food!

A travel junkie at heart , and a foodie all the way through, this is me! Toodles!

P.S- I love people who love to eat!

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