Tony Padgett

I grew up in the San Fernando Valley (home of the Galleria for those who get the reference).

After high school I did two years in the USAF.

When I got back I got in to the computer industry. I was one of the pioneers of the technical support field and wrote the first manual to aid support representatives.

During the late 80's I managed two rock bands, Big American Dogs, and Tomorrows Child. I got TC signed with Atlantic Records. Took my signing bonus and quit the music industry.

During the 80s and 90s I also spent time racing stock cars in local amateur divisions.

In 1985 I was hit by a car on my motorcycle. My leg was fractured in over 30 pages. After a few surgeries, 16 steel pins and a year of rehab I was able to walk again. I took the insurance money and bought my first race car.

After a few pretty bad accidents I finally stopped racing.

After leaving my career as a computer tech manager, I took up graphic arts and web design.

In 1997 I met my wife Karen on AOL. She was in Florida I was in LA.

We wrote and talked on the phone for 4 months and fell in love. Shortly afterwards she moved to LA. We got maried in 2001.

About two years later we moved here to Phoenix.

My wife got a job in a leading pharmaceutical firm and I became a photographer and also started my own car club.

I combined my love of photography and hot rods and started shooting cars and pin-up girls.

I have only had a few photos published. ButI keep doing it for the love of my art.

I am currently a photographer and I also provide a full line of graphic services.

My wife and I live in a beautful 3 bedroom home in Laveen, AZ (SW Valley)

We have three odd little dogs. From oldest to youngest, Bear, a sweet Pomeranian mix, Bob (Robert Goulet), a serious but sometimes silly Corgi mix, and Dora, our little bitchypoo (bichon frise, chihuahua, poodle, who is, well she is my sweet little girl.

Odd as it seems my daily driver is a 1952 Chrysler Windsor Deluxe.

Last year I nearly died but at the last minute I got a liver transplant and it gave me a new lease on life!

Now I am getting ready to restart my photograpy career! I will resume shooting this fall.