N. C. Mohan

Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Since the initiation in 1985, Shrusti, Chennnai, has attained an unmatched name in the industry as the manufacturer, supplier, wholesaler and distributor of Material Handling & Storage System. From the extensive range of products offered by us some of the most appreciated products are Industrial Conveyor, Material Handling Equipment and Hydraulic Material Handling Equipment. The company manufactures products with the utmost accuracy and precision meeting the leading and innovative demands of the consumers. We have applied the finest raw material and the modern technological solutions for maintaining the standards of products and producing according to the current market demands. In addition to that, we have provided the consumers with the appropriate personalization desired by them for better operation and complete satisfaction.

Our products are immensely recognized in the market because of the exceptional quality and long lasting life. The products are properly manufactured and have smooth polished finishing giving the products a appealing look with reliable performance. Furthermore, the equipments are effortless to install and trouble free to maintain providing the company an upper hand in the market.

Our company has emerged a difficult completion in the industry because of the trustworthiness and reputation built on the consumers. The company ahs ethically worked for the prosperity and betterment of the firm with genuine and fair production and delivery activities. The organization has never negotiated on the quality of products.

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