Shruti Chakraborty

Writer, Editor, and Photographer in New Delhi, India

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Hey, there!

Nice to meet you. I'm Shruti, and I'm a dreamer :-)

I'm also someone who loves acting on those dreams to make them a reality... like my Europe Before 30 agenda, which just earned itself a check-mark with a 70-day backpacking trip across six countries -- France, Spain, Portugal, England, Wales and Scotland.

I'm a trained journalist, but quite honestly, I'm still figuring what I really want to do in life. All I know is that it should involve travelling and making the world a better place to live for everybody.

Professionally, I write, edit and photograph, and love mixing things up to come up with creative products that are stellar and interesting.

If you find what I've written resonates with you, then do give me a holler...

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