Shruti Pathania


... a seeker of adventure, of magic, of unreal victories, unsaid stories,of passion, of size zero, a man of action and a woman of her word, a dreamer, a hopeless traveller, a silly soul dancer, fairytale buff, photo hunter, experimenter, color junkie, a once in a while poet, a writer at heart, bathroom singer, closet hoarder, impulsive shopper, music lover, internet addict, blogger, world peace hopeful, irrevocably romantic, cartoon lover, peter pan crazy, menacingly opinionated, kind hearted and a believer. And with all that said about me , I can still say that I am a little clueless about who and what I can or will be, all I have is a dream. Two things however can be said for certain ...that brevity isn't my thing and happiness is what I chase!