I am a door,
never opened,

I am a night,
never dawned,

I am an owl,
never awake,

I am a mystery,
yet to be solved..

αьout мє- Whαt sιмρlє two woяds αиd yєt thє мost сoмρlιсαtєd two woяds ι hαvє сoмє αсяoss :)

Brief character sketch about ME:-
A hardcore GEMINI...- "quite unpredictable"
Simple yet complicated...
I am master of my own mind..
Take things as they come,accept the reality and move on!
Love exploring places...
Highly ambitious !
Believe in simple living and high thinking..
Music and fitness freak..
Lαzy gooze(never on time even though how hard i try) but nevermind nobody is perfect.
Little pinpoints hurt me!
and lastly can't live without my friendz..

I believe that "If God takes something from your grasp,he is not punishing you...he is merely emptying your hands to receive something better !"