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Hello and welcome to my about for @eli.chii and @shsl_programmer (both instagram accs)!

❀Before you follow @eli.chii❀

First off: I usually allow almost everyone to follow me ! So writing this may be kind of useless, but w/e

Hello, my name is Agatha and welcome to my spam account! This is where I post random stuff so that I don't clog up my cosplay account. I usually just post random pictures and express my love for Danganronpa. (Mostly my love for Enoshima). I also post some Love Live! stuff (mostly NicoMaki, drowning my poor Nico in tags).

I always talk about doing tag lists, but I usually never get around to them. However! If I do, here are a list of characters that will already be tagged, so please follow understanding that you probably will not be tagged as these characters:
❀Junko Enoshima (Danganronpa)
❀Mukuro Ikusaba (Danganronpa)
❀Sayaka Maizono (Danganronpa)
❀Maki Nishikino (Love Live!)
❀Nico Yazawa (Love Live!)
❀Monaka (Danganronpa Another Episode)
❀Mikan Tsumiki (Super Danganronpa 2)

And that's all! If you read this, DM me a cute picture of Junko if you wanna. ❀


Cosplays (some of them are WIPs, but I still post pictures of them. ; v ; ) :

❀Junko Enoshima
❀Mukuro Ikusaba (WIP)
❀Junkuro (Mukuro in disguise)
❀Chiaki Nanami
❀Sonia Nevermind
❀Chihiro Fujisaki
❀Virgo (Fairy Tail) (WIP)
❀Nagito Komaeda (forever a WIP)
❀Sayaka Maizono (WIP)

That's all for now! Thank you for reading!