Eric / Togami / Lyra

SHSL Heir in the United States

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Hello, I’m Eric / Togami / Lyra. I am a libra and I am 16. I go by he / they pronouns to correspond with my kins, but I won't mind if you use she for me as well.

I enjoy reading and writing, mostly poetry, and the arts. I can't really draw myself, but I like to look at and appreciate art. I enjoy theatre as well, and classical is my favorite music genre. I also like to post about my cat, and I love insects, especially butterflies.

I've been known to come off as a bit intimidating, but I promise I don't bite. I like to bond over similar interests, but I am also open to learning about and trying out new things.

I have other IDs as well, but my main ones are Byakuya Togami (Danganronpa), and Lyra Heartstrings (MLP: FiM). Togami is my only kin, while all others are just IDs. I do not mind doubles.

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I'd like it if you could DM before you followed, just so I can know who is following me. I like gaining mutuals. Of course, you don't have to. Thank you for reading. 🐱