wow queen you're so beautiful

communism apologist in Hell, Norway

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hi there i am tord! nicknames are also fine by me :3€

🖤 i am an infp-t, ravenclaw, and chaotic evil

🖤 also i am a minor and im mentally ill

🖤 i take like everything personally!!! im super sensitive and id so appreciate it if you be gentle with me haha

🖤 i also keysmash, curse, and type in caps a lot so dfi that makes you uncomfortable!

🖤 i go by he/him, though im still trying to figure out my gender! if those prns make you uncomfortable tho its alright to use they!

🖤 idk about my sexuality? at all lmao

🖤 THOUGH. i am dating ko, @merryko!!!! we have been dating for over a year i love him to bits and pieces and he means the whole world to me heart emoji

🖤 i take up video editing and my account is @tordsedits

🖤 i like eddsworld, steven universe, voltron legendary defender, svtfoe, gravity falls, paswg, love live, danganronpa, haikyuu, and more stuff like that so if we share interests pls follow!

🖤 i am tord from eddsworld! the absolute real deal and i am the only me!!!! dont follow if you or someone you follow kins with me! because i am right here?

so onto my kins! i am other and fictionkin, and here are my kintypes in order of importance:

🖤 keith kogane

🖤 steven quartz universe

🖤 yang xiao long

🖤 souda kazuichi

🖤 panty anarchy

🖤 rin kagamine

i also tag as the following characters, doubles and double tags are okay!

🖤 kiyoko shimizu

🖤 rin hoshizora

🖤 tom (svtfoe)

im currently working on a friends kin page but for now ill decline if i see you kin with any of my friends!


🖤 you will ignore my posts

🖤 you fit basic dfi criteria

🖤 you will vague about me a lot, if you have an issue with me id prefer you dm me!

🖤 you wont tag mentions/pictures(?) of kidnapping, home invasion, robbery, and anything like that (but if its ironic you dont need to!)

thanks for reading! dm me to follow!