elliot 💖

elliot 💖

hello!!! my name is elliot, i'm 14, + i'm a freshman in high school. i'm genderfluid and use he/him or they them. my birthday is january 15 and i'm a capricorn! my personality type is esfp!! i'm mentally ill, but i'm not gonna list my illnesses on here. if you're curious, dm me!

do not follow if:

🌟 you won't tag/see me as me

🌟 you think you're me

🌟 you're racist, homophobic, transphobic, etc.


music!!!, love live, dangan ronpa, neko atsume + other stuff!!

please tag:

feet, gore, any kind of abuse, eating disorders, self harm/suicide + alcohol

if you read all this, dm me "nico is best girl" or i might not accept!!!