i like to do art maybe idk in Hell, Michigan


i like to do art maybe idk in Hell, Michigan

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hi! im ethan, and i speak in lowercase intentionally

im 14 (bday jan 26) and super in love with my 5 datemates, alex (031816), prince (102916), tom (111616), chris (010417), and kiibo (012617)!

you're here to follow my instagram! fair warning, i vent on here!

i post platonic and romantic pda; i do not tag it.

my main interests are:


fall out boy

lady gaga



hamilton: an american musical

heathers: the musical

harry potter

drawing/making art in any form (my art account is @ken.ashcorp, i also tag art i post here with #junkodoot!)

i enjoy these games:


minecraft (its a stress reliever ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )

the elder scrolls v: skyrim (BIG MOOD I LOVE SKYRIM)

fallout 4 (BIG MOOD!!!!)

lego versions of games/movies (im 14, man, let me do what i want)

now for the important things: my KINS !!!im perfectly fine with doubles of any and every kin!

my kins are sorted in main ids, primary, secondary, tertiary, questioning format! then they are sorted into game/fandom.


Junko Enoshima