nagito komaeda

Student in Miami, Florida

nagito komaeda

Student in Miami, Florida

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hello! im ko, & this is a byf (sort of?) for my vent!

— dont follow if:

• given the nature of spam accounts, you're uncomfortable with rants, vagues, ect

• you'll screenshot my posts.

• you don't follow my main spam

• you'll ignore me, seriously its weird to have somebody lurking what i say. even if you dont want to comment, (which is okay!) atleast like it!

— note:

• sometimes i wont reply to comments if im upset, if i like the comment i promise i saw it! and i appreciate you for helping me out so so much!

• if you think a vague is about you, it isnt. i only let people i trust follow, yes?

— thats it!

thanks for reading! dm me a photo of hajime or a 🍀 to be accepted!