I'm not good at composing this sort of thing but here I go anyways

Hello, If you're here then you must want to know about me (haha see what I did there I'm so clever)

The big thing you should know is that I'm a massive fuxking nerd and enjoy movies and the like so I'm not an anime only account

So you may be wondering "hey meme do you kin with any characters? "The answer is a bit iffy but I come very close to kinning with 2 characters: Nora from RWBY and marik from YugiohI'm not really possessive about them though so I don't really care

You shouldn't follow me if-you get annoyed by stupid shit regularly-you think bad humor is stupid-you love SAO to the level of devotion of apple fans and deny it's flaws-you can't tolerate the opinions of others

That's it really! Come join me and my mediocrity and have fun maybe