keith's vent

dying in Hell, Norway

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🌈 please interact with my posts when you read them! if you cant comment (which is fine!) , just liking the photo is great but it makes me feel worse if people are outright ignoring me.

🍭 notes:

- my main account is @hunkfanpage. i didnt feel the need to say this until i got many requests from people i didnt know. if you want to follow, PLEASE follow hunkfanpage first...

- i dont tag things, and i apologize in advance

- with that in mind, you are okay to sb me at any time without explanation!! i dont mean to trigger anyone and if you need to unfollow i understand 100%

- please dont dm me when im venting unless i say i want to... i feel pressured into talking and it makes me a lot more anxious

- if you do ghost follow for a while, i will sb you... i wont on hunkfanpage but just there and if you do get sbed this is the reason why! im sorry!

- do not under any circumstances screenshot or repeat anything i say here ever, if you do i will block you on all of my accounts. if i wanted to tell someone what i was venting i would do it!

🏳️‍🌈 thank you so much for reading this! if we're mutuals on @hunkfanpage, feel free to request!!