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☼ about me ☼

↝ Hi I'm Tj/korra! ↜

๑ I'm 14

๑ I go by she/her

๑ I'm a cosplayer!

☼I really like☼

๑Danganronpa, legend of korra ,kill la kill, sailor moon and doctor who , please dont follow if you despise them lol

☼ Comforts ☼

๑ aquariums !!

๑ literally any aesthetic

๑ the cancer crew (max , joj n Ian)

๑ mako mankanshoku (kill la kill)

๑ animals (literally any animal)

๑ longhorn cowfishes (I lobe them)

๑ tenrose


๑ Pictures of irl needles


↝Korra (legend of korra)↜

๑ I am korra in every shape and form , I'm not comfortable with doubles so please don't follow if you think you are me !!!

↝ryuko matoi↜

๑ legit I am ryuko in so many ways I'm not rlly comfortable with doubles so don't follow if you think ur me

↝Ibuki mioda (super danganronpa 2)↜

๑ I dont think I am ibuki but I relate to her a lot and it makes me really happy when I get tagged as her , I am Completely fine with doubles!!!!

↝Emilia (Re:zero)↜

๑ this is more of a tag but it makes me super duper happy when I get tagged as her !!! Im fine with doubles !!!

☼ Do follow if ☼

๑ you'll tag me as my kins

๑ you'll interact with me

๑ you are any of the characters in my comforts!!

☼ Don't follow if ☼

๑ you think you are me

๑ you don't like offensive humour

๑ you're gonna ignore all my posts and not interact with me at all

๑ you hate my friends

❄️once you're finished reading my byf send me a picture of any of my kins!!