Sonia Nevermind

Student in Pennsylvania

Sonia Nevermind

Student in Pennsylvania

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♔ About me ♔

♱ My name is Bella but feel free to call me Bell/Bells/any of my kin names/or any cute nicknames you have for me!!

♱ I'm 13

♱ I love love loveee musicals, candy, ahs, the office, horror movies, unsolved murders or anything paranormal/other worldly, and small animals

♱ I'm a Leo, Enfp, hufflepuff, and choatic neutral

♱some of my hobbies are knitting, doing makeup, cheerleading, and talking to friends (so if you ever want to skype im totally in just ask!)

♔ Actually Me!!! ♔

♱ I am Sonia Nevermind!! I relate to her in every single way and I would be very upset if someone tried to claim they are me :( Please do not follow if you think you are me!!!

♔ IDS ♔

♱ Zoe Benson

♱ Heather McNamara

I am Heather and Zoe in almost every way, but less than Sonia. They are both still me though so please don't follow if you kin with either of them!! I will only allow doubles on extremely rare occasions!!

♔ Kins ♔

♱ kotoko Utsugi

♱ Mari ohara

♱ Madoka Kaname

I relate to these characters a lot, but I don't mind doubles! Just let me know beforehand if you kin with any of these characters as well! Heads up also, If you don't tag me as any of my kins I will not tag you as yours. Sorry!

♔ comforts ♔

♱ SONDAM!!!!


♱ ZYLE!!!!




♱ Any character from any of my canons!!

♱ Pastel aesthetic

♱ Any cute small rodents (animals in general really)



♱ OLD PEOPLE (this probably won't be too big of an issue but I just want to put it out there in case anyone wanted to know)

♱ GETTING SOFT BLOCKED WITHOUT TELLING ME WHY!! (If you have an issue with what I post/what I say please tell me before you sb!!)

♱ Underage/pedophelia ships or irl relationships

♱ Hate towards chiaki or Sonia

Ty for reading this very long byf!! If you've read it all please send me a picture of one of my kins and this emoji: 👽