Kumar Shubham

Kumar Shubham

I am simply the BEST... How can I praise myself.... But if you insist...
I'm a fun loving guy with lots of knowledge. Sweet... Caring... Pysco... Stubbon... Sumtimes a little senti and more of mental as my frds say . Neva touch mah books but hell serious abt ma ambition .

Quite mysterious , u neva knw whatz inside my small confused head . Even my smile is mysterious and infectious . Naughtiness is what I'm alwayz filled with , be it I'm inside a xam room , so beware ... but when I'm serious, m really serious.

Luv my parents , they r my life . It's bcos of them I'm here . Don't believe in destiny , it's hard work that pays , and still struggling to do it . A Revolutionist can say...

The thing I most love is Hacking, Coding and Cracking... In short I'm a Security Researcher trying to be a expert... Loves to hack and learn (can't live without hacking)... Love To See Cartooonnnss And read latest security flaws!!! Muzik is alwayz around me ... Love the thump . Very lively kinda of guy... Very humorous ( Expect My PJ's ) , adventurous, sweet chap , BAD BOY &... (That's me, me, me and only ME)... Please don't force me to fill the complete page with stuff...

I don't like changes much and hate people who try to edit me. I see the way I'm. But can adopt changes very soon if I find them suitable for me.

I believe in pay-back , be it gud or bad . Be gud to gud and worse to bad. So watch ur steps, bcos when I'm gud , I'm gud ... when I'm bad I'm better.. exceptions r alwayz there ... bcos to someone you just can't be bad whatsoever.

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    • Center for Cyber Forensics & Information Security