Shubham Kumar

Shubham Kumar

Hi myself Shubham Kumar, about me I am very tech savvy guy. I spend my time on netsurfing and researching on the new things. Apart from this I spend some of my time at home doing house hold things like gardening, cleaning and cooking some time. I like pink color since it’s a sign of love, affection and brightness. Sometimes I joke & comments on my friends and make them laugh. I am religious too. I visit lot of places belonging to God (temple & pilgrimage). I like to explore new places each and every time. I do photography and like to collect all the moments which needs to be remembered. Sometimes I like to go for a long drive and want to be relaxed at peaceful environment. I like the nature and its creations. I would like to request all the people to save our earth and spread the message of "stop cutting the trees". I observe the things not only the glance. I can read the people's mind. I want to be a successful person so that everywhere I can be recognized. I have talent and want to show to the world. I am bit slow when it comes to the perfection. I take time to think and analyze the things. So I produce the best result. I am well commented about my writing skills. I like to associate with talented & intelligent people. I believe in my work not in buttering the people and get the success. I do believe in smart work not in hard work. By heart I am kind. I like to help needful person and give some charity. I am having passion towards vehicle. I always review the news for electronics goods and wheels. I love my family too much and always ready to do anything for them. Same love and affection I receive from them too. My hobbies are listening songs in my spare time; kind of song depends upon my mood.I visit temple often.I have dream to travelling across the world!! Thats all from my side. Rest of the things you will come to know once you are friend to me!!

Always be tactful in your life.........tact!!

T: Think – Think first then only speak

A: Ask –Ask the question

C: Clear –Be clear and specific

T: Time – Keep eye on time according to the situation.

Best Regards,