Shubham Banavalikar

I think the most important thing to remember in life is to believe in yourself and never give up.

On the first day of kindergarden I was excited to meet my teacher and friends, but I was also scared if the work would be hard or if no one would like me. However when I came to class I felt great about school. In my first years of school, my teachers had a positive influence on me. In kindergarten my teacher would teach me in a nice way and talk to me with an enthusiastic smile. Back then teachers didn't talk to you about work, giving me a good feeling about school. Also in third grade, my teacher was very nice.One time I was sad that I couldn't do the work correctly and she cheered me up by saying that everone makes mistakes.When I got to fifth grade I understood the seriousness of studying.At the time one of my friends was Shrey. We played at school and had playdates every weekend. I remember when we did a project on friction in fourth grade. There were many bullies in my class. Most times I would ignore them but when they said something really mean, I would tell the teacher.

Apart from me, I have a loving mom named Priti.She is a great person since she helps me when I have a hard time or when I am sad. Next is my sincere dad named Prasad. My dad has a good personality and is a kind person. He knows many cool things. Finally I have a brother named Yashneil. He is a creative child and just started preschool. My parents tell me to be confident, truthful, and relentless to become a well rounded person.

As a person I do my best at everything. I am truthful and I don't give up. I may be a little messy, but most of my things are neat. If I do a task with a warm atttitude I always achieve it. I need to work on keeping my room clean so I have access to everything. I also need to do tasks without taking tension, when I grow up I will have to think about many things and I shouldn't panic since I may screw up then.These things help to make friends. Friends should be made with people who have same or better qualities than you.You should make friends who are responsible, truthful, and listen to other people.Making friends is one of goals in middle school. I want to get good grades.In high school, I want to get good scores on tests like the SAT.I want to get in teams like tennis and debate.This will propel me to get into a good college and move on from there.To do this, I will need to work hard and smart in class and never give up.