Shubham Raj Raj

Shubham raj.... is a 15 year old INDIAN ethical hacker.he is also State executive Head and Computer Forensic @ Indian Cyber Army and also Cyber crime INvestigator and Cyber security Researcher @ Cyber Crime Investigation Bureau(CCIB).he loves ethical hacking, security researching,programming,hardwaring ,web Developing, listening Music,Boxing and And more things related to cyber.He is from Sultanganj which comes in Bhagalpur district Of Bihar..He had also help many Big websites like Nasa,Adobe,Usgs and many more in fixing their websites vulnerability....which has been published In many security news website like:


2. And many more..

He had also founded Vulnerability in Search engine , world's one of the best social networking sites , one of the most used site to create free Websites:

He is also admin of a website::