Shubham Singh

Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Shubham Singh is only 21 years old an Rising Star A Self Taught Ethical Hacker & Author, and Entrepreneur. Shubham Singh is Founder and CEO at Cyber World.Academy , He is a Cyber Warrior Against Cyber Frauds, So many Officers of Senior Inspector , Assistant Inspector rank upwards have already begun taking his Cyber Crime Investigation course also Crime Branch & CID officers are Pursuing Course which is Developed by Shubham Singh. Soon we are going to train all 93 police Station officers in Mumbai. Also I have given proposal to Additional director of general of Maharashtra police for training Maharashtra Police.

He has got detailed knowledge of hardware and software and about various systems to maintain the cyber security. He possesses immense patience and has got the capability of persistent concentration. He has got in-depth knowledge about highly targeted platforms like UNIX, Windows, and Linux.

He works hard every day to keep a pace with the changing world of computer and network security. He helps his students learn easily within a short span of time. He is a reliable & trustworthy hacker and constructively uses his skills. As an ethical hacker, he protects and rectifies the system of its vulnerabilities. He has solved so many Banking fraud cases and also help police in some critical kidnapping and theft cases.